Llamas Beat Bard Raptors

Published on: October 26, 2012

Katherine Corn

This past Monday, Oct. 22, the Llamas defeated the Bard College Raptors 191- 179 in a home swim meet.

“The meet was an extraordinarily close meet, but the hard work paid off,” said Eldred Lee ’12, who swam in several men’s events for the Llamas.

The male Llamas scored 119 points to beat the Raptors’ 70 points. The female Llamas scored 72 points, while the Lady Raptors received 109 points.

On the men’s team, Koshu Takatsuji ’11 and Matthew Meier each won all of their events. A memorable moment of the meet was the neck and neck race between Aine Gallahue ’12 and a Raptor in the Women’s 50 Free.

This was the Llama’s second meet against the Bard College Raptors. Last year’s meet against the Raptors resulted in a Bard College victory.

Overall, the Llamas and the Raptors competed strongly during the well-attended meet.

“Every moment was exciting,” Lee said. “It was just amazing.”