A Thousand Words: Diversity Day Boycott Slideshow 2

Published: November 17, 2012

Photo Credits | Andrea Schuchardt ’10

Theresa Paquette ’11

Zachary Mason ’09, Peter Laipson

Lexie Logan ’11

Ali Martinelli ’10, Mandi Faulkner ’11

Demi DeRiggs ’11, Mimi Idada ’11, Ana Borja Armas ’11, Sade Singh ’12, Gabrielle Tillman ’09, Karishma Jani ’11

Sade Singh ’12

Craig Rathgeber ’09, Peter Laipson


    • I hardly think, “fuck this” is appropriate for what is a serious matter on campus. I don’t agree with the boycott, but I think that irrational and derogatory talk such as “fuck this” is one of the reasons we have the boycott and people who feel unsafe.

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