Communications Department Activates Online Professional Profiles for Students


Audrey Werth and Megan Patoskie

While websites like Facebook make it increasingly difficult for employers to learn reliable student information, offers students the opportunity to build professional profiles with college-verified accomplishments.

Last year, Karen Anderson, Associate Director of Communications, began to introduce Simon’s Rock to the project in order to enable students to create their own profiles.

When Communications sends the first announcement about a student, readMedia creates a profile for that student with College verified achievements. Once a student has claimed the site through Facebook, they are able to add their own‘badges’ for extra-curricular activities, awards, study away participation, work experience, and other affiliations on and off campus.

Local hometown newspapers are contacted regarding press releases for student graduations, admissions, Dean’s List awards, and Fulbright Scholarships.

Part of the readMedia company, is already available to more than 400 colleges and universities. Universities throughout the US actively use the program, including Rice, Georgia Tech, Emory, Washington and Lee, and Colgate. The US News and World Report said that the program “gives students university-verified, easily sharable achievements that employers can trust.”

Students are encouraged to build upon their pages by confirming their email and entering through Facebook when notified of an award by Anderson. For any questions on how to make a more successful profile, contact Anderson at