Students Perform in Dance Concert


Photo Credit | Kirsiah McNamara ’10

Published on: May 17, 2013

Erik Elbieh

Students who attended the dance concert held Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3 already know that the event was incredible, but even so, it is worth recapping. The performance included over 60 Simon’s Rock students.

Performances prepared for the event during the weekends, often spending more than four hours each day. More…

The Glass Menagerie: A Guest Artists Screening

Published on: April 29, 2013

Ronald Gerber

For the fourth and final event of the semester-long Guest Artists Series, the 1987 film adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ classic play The Glass Menagerie was screened in the Daniel Arts Center on Friday, April 12. Adjunct faculty member Karen Allen, who starred in the film alongside Joanne Woodward, James Naughton, and John Malkovich, was present to address comments and questions after the screening. More…

Winter Photo Contest Entries: VOTE 8

The entries are in!

Vote below for your favorite winter photos by Simon’s Rock students, faculty and staff.  You may select up to three photographs for your SINGLE vote.  You will be unable to vote again after selecting submit, so be sure to select your three favorite photographs first.  Voting will close at 11:00 pm Saturday, March 30.

Please scroll to the end of the photo entries to submit your vote.  Photos and ballot options are categorized alphabetically and by the entry number from that person (Ex: 1 First_Name Last_Name).  Make sure to check the entry numbers and photographer for each photo before submitting your vote. More…

Theater Department’s Hurricane Hotel Intrigues, Mostly Rewards

Published on: March 16, 2013

Jared Weiss

The Simon’s Rock Theater Department’s productions seem to have evolved over the past few years.  We used to see more traditional, Renaissance- and Enlightenment-era theater, be it Molière’s “Tartuffe” or Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.”  There was an emphasis on the witty dialogue, the character interactions, and the interweaving subplots.

That abruptly changed, however, with last spring’s brilliant, haunting production of student-scripted “Hospital Kapital.”  Suddenly, we were treated to an entirely different kind of theater, one that functioned on a minimalist plot (in fact, many felt that there was not a coherent plot at all) and sparse dialogue.  That play more than compensated by relying on images, moods, and atmosphere to affect the audience, and utilizing chilling staging, costumes and makeup, lighting and sound design, etc. More…

I Dreamed a Dance: Photolocation and Point Blank

Published on: February 24, 2013

Ronald Gerber

The Daniel Arts Center saw a double-bill of dance theses on Saturday, Feb. 9 and Sunday, Feb. 10. Caitlin Murphy ’09 and Julynn Wilderson ’09 presented their final performances, called Photolocation and Point Blank respectively, in the McConnell Theatre and the upstairs Dance Studio, one directly after the other.

Murphy’s thesis, Photolocation, was a thematically complex piece set curiously simply. It featured four dancers – Gemma Gearhart ’10, Grace Rossman ’11, Tara Turnbull ’10, and Murphy – who weaved across McConnell’s stage carrying out similar motions that were often staggered to give the group a sense of a domino effect. More…

The Purple Rose of Colchis: Floral Arrangements Thesis Review

Published on: December 18, 2012

Ronald Gerber

Creating a work of art from scratch is never an easy thing to do. In my time at Simon’s Rock, I’ve seen it done by many seniors whose hearts and souls went into it. The blood, sweat, and tears do not always pay off, but in the case of Amanda Rowe-Van Allen ‘09’s Floral Arrangements, based on the Greek Medea legend, they definitely did. Rowe-Van Allen’s adaptation, which played from Thursday, Nov. 29 to Saturday, Dec. 1 in the Daniel Arts Center, was initially rehearsed without a script. More…

Stripped Down: A Threepenny Cabaret

Published: November 2, 2012

Ronald Gerber

On Saturday, Oct. 27, the Black Box Theatre in the Daniel Arts Center filled with a swarm of Simon’s Rock students, parents, and faculty eager for entertainment from tough gangsters and loose women.

“A Threepenny Cabaret” was a 45-minute long, minimalistic presentation by voice students and music faculty of selected songs from Brecht and Weill’s 1928 classic The Threepenny Opera. More…