Exploring Plant Hormones as a Physicist

James Yu

Well-known and well-loved physics professor Eric Kramer, famous for his work on the crumpling of paper, sat down with the Ledger to talk about his latest research on the role of hormones in plant biology, along with his previous work with osmosis. More…

Club Spotlight: Fencing Club

Kendra Mills

Sarah Bernt ('13) and Dante Popple ('09) suit up and face off in SR's new Fencing Club.

As we witnessed the momentous accomplishments of the world’s greatest athletes throughout the month of February, it is imperative that we acknowledge Baron Pierre de Coubertin—the architect of the modern Olympic Games and an avid fencer. During his mission to reinstate the Olympics of Ancient Greece, he espoused the moral principles idealized during the Olympic Games: sportsmanship, fair play, and the development of exceptional physical talent. Arguably, these qualities are directly applicable to fencing, a sport that is derived from rapier combat in 16th century Europe. More…

Kellogg’s Trip


Published on: May 17, 2013

Erik Elbieh

As you will now know if you read the earlier article about campus myths, Kellogg was moved down from upper campus to its current spot in 1992. The idea of moving the building down to the central portion of campus was started in the spring of 1990, when the campus began considering several master plan decisions. Other changes occurred during this process including moving the admissions office to Blodgett and reopening the gatehouse entrance to campus from Alford Road. More…

The Glass Menagerie: A Guest Artists Screening

Published on: April 29, 2013

Ronald Gerber

For the fourth and final event of the semester-long Guest Artists Series, the 1987 film adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ classic play The Glass Menagerie was screened in the Daniel Arts Center on Friday, April 12. Adjunct faculty member Karen Allen, who starred in the film alongside Joanne Woodward, James Naughton, and John Malkovich, was present to address comments and questions after the screening. More…

Faculty Senate Approves Schedule Changes for 2013-2014, Brings Mixed Student Response

Published on: April 11, 2013

Jared Weiss ’10

Wednesday, March 20, Academic Senate approved a series of proposed changes to the structure of the academic calendar, to take effect this upcoming year.
Most of the changes will take effect in the spring semester, but one change will directly impact the fall semester calendar. Family Weekend will begin the October break next year rather than be held towards the end of the month.

“The argument here was to save parents money,” Wendy Shifrin, Academic and Faculty Senate President said. “Because if they drive to pick up their kids, they only need to do so for the two breaks, not two breaks plus Family Weekend.” More…

March Berkshire Festival of Women Writers Features 55 Events Countywide


Published on: February 28, 2013

Women writers of all ages and from many different walks of life will be featured in the Third Annual Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, taking place throughout the month of March, Women’s History Month, at venues all over Berkshire County.

The Festival, sponsored by Bard College at Simon’s Rock with the collaboration of many other organizations, includes the participation of more than 150 women writers, at 55 separate events. More…