Fall Club Extravaganza 2014

By Kalie McGuirl, Sophie Constantine, and Madison Weber

Simon’s Rock is seeing all sorts of new clubs this semester. As students get back into studying, they’re also getting back into student life. Studies have proven that it’s a good idea to take breaks in between study sessions to go do something fun, and there’s no better stress relief than the physical and mental activity provided by these clubs.  More…

Club Spotlight: Fencing Club

Kendra Mills

Sarah Bernt ('13) and Dante Popple ('09) suit up and face off in SR's new Fencing Club.

As we witnessed the momentous accomplishments of the world’s greatest athletes throughout the month of February, it is imperative that we acknowledge Baron Pierre de Coubertin—the architect of the modern Olympic Games and an avid fencer. During his mission to reinstate the Olympics of Ancient Greece, he espoused the moral principles idealized during the Olympic Games: sportsmanship, fair play, and the development of exceptional physical talent. Arguably, these qualities are directly applicable to fencing, a sport that is derived from rapier combat in 16th century Europe. More…