Model UN Competes in Oxford International Model United Nations Conference


Published on: December 18, 2012

Hillary Saviello

The Oxford International Model United Nations conference opened its 10th session in picturesque Oxford Town Hall with the loud bang of a gavel. Students from as far as India and Venezuela, as well as – you guessed it – Great Barrington, USA, made the journey to the United Kingdom for Europe’s top Model UN conference, to simulate the United Nations apparatus hosted at the prestigious University. More…

The Bearded Bard: Lincoln Review


Published on: December 18, 2012

Ronald Gerber


I must begin with a simple fact of life: Daniel Day-Lewis is the greatest screen actor of all time, bar none. He may not make films with the frequency of some other stars, but when he chooses a role, he throws himself into it with such zeal that he disappears into his character’s body, never to be seen again until press interviews. More…

The Purple Rose of Colchis: Floral Arrangements Thesis Review

Published on: December 18, 2012

Ronald Gerber

Creating a work of art from scratch is never an easy thing to do. In my time at Simon’s Rock, I’ve seen it done by many seniors whose hearts and souls went into it. The blood, sweat, and tears do not always pay off, but in the case of Amanda Rowe-Van Allen ‘09’s Floral Arrangements, based on the Greek Medea legend, they definitely did. Rowe-Van Allen’s adaptation, which played from Thursday, Nov. 29 to Saturday, Dec. 1 in the Daniel Arts Center, was initially rehearsed without a script. More…

Campus Updates After Boycott 2

Published on: November 29, 2012

Theresa Paquette

Since its inception in 2006, Diversity Day has hardly run smoothly. Born out of racial conflict on campus, the first set of workshops, entitled “Bursting the Bubble at Simon’s Rock: A One-Day Teach-In on Diversity,” was challenged by students feeling that their time and money was being wasted on useless workshops when they could be spent in class. More…

Student Boycott Responds to Diversity Day and Community Meeting 3

Published: November 20, 2012

Megan Patoskie

Students boycotted the 7th annual Diversity Day on Wednesday, Nov. 14 outside of the campus library and classrooms and distributed grievance fliers in order to express their views on how diversity is approached on campus. Approximately 50 students boycotted from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but attracted a larger audience throughout the day as other students and faculty proceeded to the annual scheduled workshops. More…

Diversity Day Boycott Rocks Campus 26

Published: November 17, 2012

Julia Griffin ’12

Below is a reproduction of the Diversity Day Boycott Statement distributed throughout campus (Please note that this in no way is a reflection of the beliefs of the Llama Ledger and is a complete reproduction of the original document):

Today we are boycotting Diversity Day and all diversity-related events this week.